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Make your photos into art works via fotojet

Được viết bởi webmaster ngày 28/09/2016 lúc 03:34 PM
Fotojet is a customer friendly graphic tool, it can be used to make photo collage, edit photos, and design plenty of social banner, poster and so on.

Make your photos into art works via fotojet

Fotojet is a customer friendly graphic tool, it can be used to make photo collage, edit photos, and design plenty of social banner, poster and so on. 

I prefer its editor, this option is a very powerful one, it can help people to edit photos and make photos look more professional. I am going to show you more details now, just follow me.

Open www.fotojet.com, and you will see the homepage, click the button EDIT or Edit a Photo to get started. 

Then you can upload your photo to edit. There are two ways for you to upload your photo, from your computer or from Facebook. Click the Open button you will see them. You can play with sample pictures as well.
As long as you added your photo, you can start to edit it. There are so many options you have to make a try, I think they are power and easy to use, only a few click and drag is enough. You can use some basic edit functions to get started. Such as crop, resize, rotate, exposure and color. Of course do not forget the auto enhance, this one is very nice and powerful. All these functions you can preview its effects before use. When you decide to use any of them, click the button Apply to save. If you don't like, click the Cancel button to undo. 
What’s more, there are many advanced functions you can use. I think the color splash is more wonderful, this one is my favorite one, and also you can try all the functions out, and find the ones you want to use. The following picture is about what the color splash can do. Hope you can also like it. It can hope you to make the certain parts you want to make colorful. Click Apply to save your work.

Now, let’s move you the Effect option. It provide you plenty of effects, you can use them all. Just click these lists out and to find the one you like most. What’s more, these effects can be superimposed, so just play with your imagination.

I believe you love this. Wait, you can do more. FotoJet provides you overlays to use. Such as cute, montage, space and so on. After you click the one you want to use, you can also make some adjustments, like intensity, blend mode. 

Well, you can add frame to your work. There are a few categories, as shadow, edge, grunge. You are allowed to adjust its thickness. 

Last but not the least, if you like, you can add some text and clipart to beautify your photo. 

Fotojet is more than photo editor. It can also make pretty collage, unique Facebook covers and so on. 
Let’s move to collage maker. Click the COLLAGE button on the right top bar. Then you can see lots of sample picture, click the kind you want to make collage, and enjoy it.
I used it to make a birthday poster. You can make your owns. 
The following Facebook cover is made by design mode. If you like, you can have a try. Of course you can use fotojet to do more things as long as you like. Do not hesitate to use it. 

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